NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! CryptoU’s First Anchor Opportunity Officially Launched our BCH – Bitcoin Cash Platform! 3% Double Daily Bonus Days!!

tempImageForSave.jpg🔥🚀💯🔥CryptoU Members and Friends – Your CryptoU BCH Platform link is READY for you NOW:

✅Updated August 6 @ 9:39am NYC Time


Join BCH Platform Now, Get Your Bitcoin Cash BCH Crypto Ready, Click My Team and Share Your Link Everywhere (Before someone else signs up Your Friends)


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Stay Tuned for Exciting News HERE:

iCenter BCH Platform Parameters

What we Offer?
– 1.5% of your investment Daily for 99 days
– Earning every 6 hours
– Min. Investment 0.01 BCH
– Min. Reinvest 0.01 BCH
– Min. Withdraw 0.01 BCH
– Referral Bonus in 4 Levels:
.Level 1 – 10%
.Level 2 – 3%
.Level 3 – 1%
.Level 4 – 1%
– Always an Exciting Promotion
– Consistency and Stability!




The Team at is EXTREMELY EXCITED to pass on this Breaking News! Stay tuned to the CryptoU News Channel and our Team Blog for your Bitcon Cash BCH BOT Link and Deposit Bonus Promotion the moment we can release it!!


Quick Facts:

BCH BOT 1.5% daily 99 days


Thatz 48.5% net ROI


And remember that CoinEx is a BCH preferred exchange with FREE BCH withdrawals… !!!!!!!


From iCenter:

Our New Bot is Getting ready, August the 6th we will make History!



Your Investment Center

BCH BOT or Bitcoin Cash Bot – DOMINATION

July 29, 2018 News & Promotions

We are proud to announce, the last addition to our BOT’s family… our BCH BOT or Bitcoin Cash BOT.

August the 6th 2018 at 20:00 GMT we will officially Launch the BOT to the Public, for now, we are only sharing the bot with leaders on a pre-launch starting on July the 30th 2018. Let the countdown begin!

Pré-Launch is intended for members only.

Please do not Share any referral links online or anywhere until the official Launch.

Anyone who publically share their BCH BOT link in a Facebook Post or Group, Twitter, Youtube or any other Social Media, will have their BOT erased with no way to get it back!

Don’t try to get the Bot earlier…

All BOT information including deposits will be deleted before Pre-Launch, during pré launch, all the Bots have to have an upline, any bot with no upline will automatically be deleted!

Our BCH Bot has an added feature, 1.5% daily for 99 days! More than all our other BOT’s!

iCenter is now well over 1 year old, there are many plans ready, some had to be left for later, some pushed forward, but in all, we are proud of our achievement and are very appreciated of the number of lives we have now changed for Better! If we did this in one year… imagine the next one! This is only the Beginning!

Our achievement involves many different inputs, not only from the administration, from the staff, from the partners… but there are 2 Inputs that we want to really say Thank you… Our Leaders that have spread the word and a special support team called the “Hard Nuts Admins”, it’s a group of 15 individuals that even knowing they don’t work for iCenter as paid Staff, they are constantly working hard for all of you making sure all the information gets to everyone! As a token of our appreciation for all the help these individuals have offered iCenter, the first links will be released to them on Monday the 30th.

We will keep you updated here:

Check out the BTC, LTC and ETH Platforms already performing at

Thank you
iCenter Team / The Crypto Universe Group

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