❤️🚀 July 7th Marks Our 1-Year Anniversary! Are YOU Ready to $Celebrate$ with US??

❤️❗️❤️REMINDER – iCenter’s 1-yr Anniversary is July 7th and it should be a WHOPPER CELEBRATION !!

The last year has brought us a stable crypto-for-crypto platform with modest (avg 15%+ monthly NET passive across all 3 platforms) returns, consistent and growing referral rewards PLUS double, triple – even QUADRUPLE – daily % pay bonuses and those have been paid for days on end in some cases.

We have also seen special, Quarterly-deposit-BONUSES (matching our deposits) of up to 70% (!!!) along with a new iCenter Crypto Platform launched about every 4 months as well.

So what do we, the iCenter Field Leadership, expect next week?!

We are not all 100% positive… BUT… signs do indicate that this 1-year iCenter Party COULD QUITE POSSIBLY FEATURE ALL OF THE ABOVE!

Get ALL of your 3 (BTC, LTC, ETH) iCenter platforms started if you haven’t @ CryptoUniverse.biz and BE READY TO WIN BIG… this promises to be a HUGE MOMENT for ALL OF US!!!!

Happy July to all of You, Crypto U Team !!!

Regards, PK
CryptoUniverse.biz / iCenter Links


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