Crypto Universe Adds Another Crypto Opportunity Anchor Platform – Solid, Serious and Full of Potential! 👀🚀❤️


❤️🚀😎 The Crypto Universe Group Leadership (quietly) participated in the Dropil ICO earlier this year and has been (patiently) sitting on the sidelines watching them do exactly what they said they would do.


We saw our DROPs crypto grow from their Token Sale value of $0.005 to a range as high as $0.007 recently as it hit some external exchanges.

Well, we have now stopped watching – and have now jumped into an earning position – because by enlisting DROPs into the DEX platform we have nothing to lose from our DROPs bag and everything to gain. DROPS are flat out going to appreciate tremendously by the end of the year as more and more people realize the power of the Dropil platform.

Rewards are calculated in current DROP value and your DROP bag-size, quite simply, just grows by DROPping into the DEX!

“Agressive Mode” in the DEX produced well over 4% for the last 15-day period… maybe 8-10% monthly returns don’t excite you – well YOU ARE SPOILED lol – THIS IS another great platform and crypto opportunity to DIVERSIFY with – a modest, but SMART and SAFE – potentially game changing crypto platform that should be in everyone’s diversified crypto portfolio strategy.

We would be honored if you would use our CryptoU – DROPIL ref link. Of course, we provide full support both in the team news channel as well (*if you join and participate in DEX direct to us at our CryptoU referral link) you are welcome to come into our Private PK CryptoU Leadership Room.

*Just send a pm on Telegram to PK @bucarokent for Dropil details as well as to get any and all of your questions answered.

❗️❗️Join DROPIL here:



PK – Founder / The Crypto Universe Group

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