ICO ALERT – When Roger Ver (BCH – bitcoin.com) is the Main Adviser – you BUY. Final Round Closing Out


Hello Friends of CryptoUniverse!

This is an ICO that we absolutely could not pass up.

You know I am not a big Roger Ver (BCH) fan because of how he deceptively used bitcoinDOTcom… BUT he does have a HUUGE and passionate following.

So, adding up ALL the benefits of The Money Token (IMT) ICO / Platform we simply couldn’t pass on it. And we went in with a nice chunk of Bitcoins, too.

Don’t miss this one – read up, whitelist yourself then buy before itz over on June 6th.

15% referral bonus for buying in this final round, too 😉

🙏🏽👍🏽✌🏻We would be honored if you would use the CryptoU referral link:

👉🏽👉🏽 Joinhttps://moneytoken.com?referral=CLqSlchw

Contact PK directly on Telegram:


Join the CryptoU 24 HR Info Channel:


Bookmark our Home Page:


Best Regards,

PK – Founder, The CryptoUniverse Group

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