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image.jpgHold your horses! Stop the presses! There is something REALLY BIG happening RIGHT NOW and it’s not some “hope and prayer” crypto high return future flop!




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CryptoU’s Preferred Crypto MasterCard / UnionPay is Shipping EVERYWHERE!

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iCenter stumbles but claims to be in it to win it. Payouts still trickling out. iCash is shelved for now; deposits being shifted to iCenter.

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🐔💩 Lendera Ecosystem Exit Scams… breaking news 12:00 hrs Eastern 10/29/18 “James” deletes Telegram accounts and Lendera.io is gone.

But there is good news ! p2p 5050 CrowdFunding is a refreshing move away from the daily % crypto scammers everywhere you turn. Please check it out. PK💪🏼❤️


The CryptoUniverse Group, Founded in Q1 2017, has been blessed to be on the front edge of the crypto payment system revolution. We simply share what we do and help people. Please, come see where we are building our stacks of crypto right now. Join and Donate as soon as you are ready. We offer as much or as little support as you want. We want you to have a fun & winning experience. Join our Team News Channel and read the Pinned Message: CryptoUniverse.info or Contact us directly https://t.me/bucarokent


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Join the CryptoU Preferred Channel on Telegram https://t.me/cryptoUpreferred (also URL CryptoUniverse.info) for Team News.

Send a PM on Telegram for CryptoU Founder, PK https://t.me/bucarokent for individual support.

(Team Leaders may request private invitations to the CryptoU Private Leadership Room.)



50/50 CrowdFunding – 50% of personal referrals’ donations, plus potential donations forever to team builders.

Plug in, get started and have some FUN again!

Best Regards,
The Crypto Universe Team

PK – Founder

/ The Crypto Universe Group:

The Crypto Universe Team

The 300,000+ Member Global Funnel Team: 1000s of FREE CRYPTO LEADS WEEKLY (Global Moneyline)

(Need a fast, reliable and inexpensive Crypto Exchanger? Try Xchange.me!)

We Are Proud to be Founding CWN Members:

CryptoWorld Networkers

Contact PK on Telegram Messenger Now –



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