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What is “Trade-driven Mining” and “Income Dividend” 
June 30, 2018 CoinEx
Trade-driven Mining (or “Mining”)
From 0:00 July 1st, 2018 (UTC), CoinEx will adopt a “Trade-driven Mining” method to release 3.6 billion CET for free allocation to CoinEx users. We will calculate 100% of our transaction fee income into CET against the real-time rate and give them away to all traders proportionately to their trading volume. The rules are as follows:
1. Qualification: For ID verified accounts ONLY; Transactions that use CET as fees are excluded in trade-driven mining.
2. Duration: 180 days in total with an EST. daily yield of 20 MILLION CET.
3. Difficulty: The upper limit of CET for hourly mining yield per account. To balance daily CET yield, CoinEx will readjust “mining difficulty” at 0:00 (UTC) everyday based on earnings and difficulty of the last day. API is available to access current difficulty.
4. Payout: Calculated and allocated at every o’clock.
5. CoinEx reserves the rights of final explanation of readjusting rules of Trade-driven Mining.
Income Dividend
1. Qualification: Min. holding of 100 CET.
2. Distribution: CoinEx will allocate our daily transaction fee income (including all coin types) to ALL CET holders proportionately (i.e. Your CET balance/Total CET). For instance: If our daily transaction fee incomes include BCH, BTC, CET and USDT, you will receive 80% of these incomes in BCH, BTC, CET and USDT proportionately. Attention: You will receive 0 dividend when the amount is below 0.00000001.
3. Calculation: Every o’clock from 1:00 to 24:00 (UTC), we will take a hourly snapshot of your CET balance and allocate 80% of transaction fee income of the last hour to ALL CET holders on the snapshot. These dividends will accumulate on an hourly basis.
4. Allocation: Your daily dividend will be sent to your account at 00:00 (UTC) of the next day.
5. Duration: From 00:00 July 1st, 2018 (UTC) to the end of “Trade-driven Mining”.
6. CoinEx reserves the rights of final explanation of readjusting rules of Dividend Distribution.
Value of CET
1. Share daily transaction.
2. Used as Transaction fees.
3. Repurchase plan.
4. Special promotional campaign rights such as FREE new coins to CET balances.
5. Voting rights for new token listing free of charge.

Long-term dividend allocation plan for CET holders
July 7, 2018
Dear CoinEx users,
During the “Trade-driven mining” period, CoinEx will allocate 80% of our transaction fee revenue as dividends to CET holders. When the mining period ends, all 50% of the total CET supply for free allocation will be distributed and in full circulation. To guarantee the sustainable development of CET and interests of CET holders, we decide to release a long-term dividend allocation plan by which CET holders will continue to receive dividends after “Trade-driven mining” ends. 80% of our total revenue will be allocated to CET holders and the remaining 20% is kept for CoinEx development and daily operations. The arrangements are as follows:
1. Ratio: 80% of CoinEx’s total revenue from all features will be allocated to CET holders as dividends;
2. Frequency: Every month;
3. Allocation: 80% of CoinEx’s total revenue will be used to repurchase CET from the secondary market and allocated to qualified CET holders proportionately. If your CET holdings are on CoinEx, we’ll allocate the dividends directly to your accounts or otherwise, to your CET wallet addresses elsewhere. The locked part in CoinEx team’s 50% out of the total supply is qualified for dividend allocation as well.
We will then cancel the current policy to repurchase and burn CET with 20% of our monthly trans fee revenue.
The above dividend allocation plan will go effective in the first month following the end of “Trade-driven mining”. Please refer to further announcement.
CoinEx reserves the final rights of explanation for this dividend allocation plan.


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Buy DROPS Token at the Exchanges listed then draw them to either your MEW or directly to your Dropil Dashboard Wallet. Send into the DEX and choose your risk level. We are AGGRESSIVE here. 8-10% a month is our experience. Plus your DROPS stay in DROPS amd can appreciate.

The World of Crypto is extremely volatile.

And it’s also not very popular with the Deep State Banksters and their minions that promote Deep State propaganda to support US Dollar World Hegemony. Decentralized, Finite, Private-Crypto Currency is the International Central Banker’s worst nightmare! Another reason to ❤️ it!!

But over the long haul – all historic data clearly indicates that Crypto is an APPRECIATING VALUE STORE – and that the Crypto Revolution is NOT GOING AWAY. Now is THE BEST TIME to start building Your Bags of Great Cryptos!


*Please Join our New Crypto Universe Preferred 24 Hour Info / Telegram Messenger Channel: CryptoUniverse.info

Plug in, get started – then kick back and watch Your Crypto Portfolio grow with The Crypto Universe’s Preferred Crypto Platforms.

Best Regards,
The Crypto Universe Team

PK – Founder

/ The Crypto Universe Group

The Crypto Universe Team

The 300,000+ Member Global Funnel Team: 1000s of FREE CRYPTO LEADS WEEKLY (Global Moneyline)

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CryptoU is pretty excited about HT! Huobi Token and Huobi Crypto Exchange – looks fairly awesome! We just picked it up to test it and to buy HT on a referral from Crypviser / CVCoin CEO Vadim. CryptoU would be honored if you would use our ref link to test it yourself:


Also… We Are Proud to be Founding –

CryptoWorld Networkers

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