The iCenter ETHEREUM Platform DEPOSIT BONUS is HERE! Act QUICKLY for up to 14.4 FREE ETH!


๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿšจ๐ŸšจEthereum BOT or ETH BOT is Launched!


It is with great pride that officially Launches our New Ethereum BOT or ETH BOT. After the great success with our Bitcoin and Litecoin BOTโ€™s, we officially bring our ETH Bot to the Family.

Leaders have already been positioning for the past few days, and now as a Little surprise for their effort, EVERYONE IS Earning Double Percentage on our ETH Bot until 23:59 GMT of the 23rd of March 2018.
This is a way to say thank you for the Hard work our leaders have put in, in this initial phase.

What we offer with our Ethereum BOT?

โ€“ 1.4% of your deposit Daily for 99 days (Includes Principal)
โ€“ Earnings every 6 hours
โ€“ Min. Investment 0.03 ETH
โ€“ Min. Reinvest 0.03 ETH
โ€“ Min. Withdraw 0.03 ETH
โ€“ Referral Bonus in 4 Levels:
โ€“ Level 1 โ€“ 10%
โ€“ Level 2 โ€“ 3%
โ€“ Level 3 โ€“ 1%
โ€“ Level 4 โ€“ 1%
โ€“ Always an Exciting Promotion
โ€“ Consistency and Stability
โ€“ Support Rooms on Telegram
โ€“ Direct support via the Website
And much more

How do we Celebrate our Ethereum BOT Launch?

Deposit Ranges:

Deposit from 0.10 ETH to 0.29 ETH โ€“ get about $20 USD BONUS (Exactly 0.036 ETH)

Deposit from 0.30 ETH to 0.59 ETH โ€“ get about $85 USD BONUS (Exactly 0.150 ETH)

Deposit from 0.60 ETH to 0.99 ETH โ€“ get about $170 USD BONUS (Exactly 0.320 ETH)

Deposit from 1.00 ETH to 2.99 ETH โ€“ get about $290 USD BONUS (Exactly 0.520 ETH)

Deposit from 3.00 ETH to 8.99 ETH โ€“ get about $850 USD BONUS (Exactly 1.530 ETH)

Deposit from 9.00 ETH to 19.99 ETH โ€“ get about $2600 USD BONUS (Exactly 4.680 ETH)

Deposit over 20.00 ETH and get about $8000 USD BONUS (Exactly 14.400 ETH)


Need to have 3 New ETH BOT referrals (can be free)
Just make you Deposit and send us a message on our Website contact form, once you receive confirmation in your BOT!

Only one deposit is accepted for the Bonus in the space of 24Hours.

Please make sure you qualify with the 3 New referrals (starting from the moment this article came out) on your ETH BOT before claiming the promotion, you just need to get 3 New referral once to be entitled to various promotions!

We also ask for patience once you sent the message claiming bonuses, we are receiving a lot of inquiries and we need some time to deal with all of them!

This promotion Will Only be valid for deposits made from the moment this article is live (only deposits, no re-investments). Bonuses will be paid as a new ETH deposit. Due to the volatility of Cryptocurrencies, all bonuses are fixed in Ethereum, so if or example you deposit 9.00 ETH you will get 4.680 ETH Bonus independent of the price of USD

This promotion is valid until 23:59 pm GMT (UK Time) of the 24th March 2018

Good Luck!

Donโ€™t know how iCenter Works?

Speak with the person that sent you this page, or click on the button to see all the basic details.

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