The CRYPTOUNIVERSE Is Proud To Introduce a New Coin / Lending Staking Platform That Will Be BIGGER Than BitConnect in 2018!


What a POWERHOUSE PLATFORM Davor offers! We passed on the ICO and just watched for a bit – then when we saw the performance of the Davor Coin Team, the coin in external markets and the Lending / Staking Platform we jumped in with both feet and haven’t looked back! The average daily Lending payout is over 1.5% since we started, the capital returns are very fair and Staking the coin for an additional 10% monthly is a neat deal. On top of all that, there is a solid referral program for connecting other new Davor clients to the platform. This one is FOR REAL! Here is your Crypto U. Registration link:

Connect with us for 24 hour Team Support:

Lending, Staking, Coin Appreciation, Referral Bonuses… this Platform will be a BIG WINNER in your Crypto Investment and Affiliate portfolio for 2018.

Best Regards,



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