The iCenter LITECOIN Platform is HERE! Receive up to $26,000 Deposit Bonus NOW! UPDATE – 12/22 THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED! BAGS of Bonus Litecoin Awarded.



December 22 UPDATE

THIS PROMOTION IS NOW CLOSED! Due to the precipitous drop of crypto price indeces the Litecoin Inventory was completely depleted for this Launch Special Offer! Stay tuned for the Next Exciting iCenter promotion. Have your BTC and LTC platforms registered and ready. Links here:

iCenter Litecoin

Click here:

iCenter Bitcoin

Click here:


December 20, 2017

After the huge Success with our Bitcoin Platform – where we achieved over 11000 members in just over 5 months – and as per our user’s requests, we found a solution for the high increasing prices of cryptocurrency fees, especially Bitcoin!

IMG_6323 LiteCoin BOT is Officially Launched!
It is with great pride that we now offer you our LiteCoin BOT!

Earn 1.4% Base for 99 days

Also you can earn LITECOIN with the following referral commission structure:
Level 1 – 10%
Level 2 – 3%
Level 3 – 1%
Level 4 – 1%


To Celebrate this Launch, we offer you this simple but POWERFUL promotion were you can…


Investment Ranges:

Invest from 0.1 LTC to 0.49 LTC – get $5 USD Bonus
Invest from 0.5 LTC to 0.99 LTC – get $50 USD Bonus
Invest from 1 LTC to 3.99 LTC – get $260 USD Bonus
Invest from 4 LTC to 9.99 LTC – get $575 USD Bonus
Invest from 10 LTC to 29. 99 LTC – get $1.650 USD Bonus
Invest from 30 LTC to 49.99 LTC – get $5.400 USD Bonus
Invest from 50 LTC to 99.99 LTC – get $12.000 USD Bonus
Invest over 100 LTC and get $26.000 USD Bonus


No special requirements
All you need is to make your investment and send us a message on Facebook Page once you receive confirmation in your BOT! Only one investment is accepted for the Bonus in the space of 24 hours.

Bonuses will be paid as a new Litecoin investment.

This promotion is valid until 23:59 pm GMT (UK Time) of the 27th December 2017





Step 2: DEPOSIT LITECOIN (see photos and promo copy)



Step 3: SEND MESSAGE WITH YOUR ICENTER LITECOIN LINK (click My Team for your unique iCenter LITE link) once your deposit posts (Litecoin is FAST!)


That’s IT! Allow iCenter staff to get your message and to post Your FREE LITECOIN to your Litecoin Deposits!


Then every day earn 1.4% – for 99 Days!


Accruals are paid every 6 hrs.


Minimum draws are available whenever you have at least 0.10 LTC in Your Balance!!


(Minimum Deposit / Reinvest 0.10 LTC)



LITECOIN $12,000 DEPOSIT BONUS ADDED!!! An EXTRA, FREE, 37.46 Litecoin earning 1.4% DAILY!

50.00000000LTC ends in 99 days
37.46000000LTC ends in 99 days

Base rate: 1.4% per day (0.35% every 6 hours).

87.46 LTC x 1.4% =
1.22444 LTC Daily





Thanks for Joining THE LEADER,



After you Register, message us direct at:

And get your Private Link to the Crypto U. Support Room. 24 HR assistance and FUN!


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