Welcome to the Moneyline – Global Funnel Team!

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Welcome to the Global Moneyline and the Global Funnel Team!

If you registered with us, the Global Funnel Team Founders, you should receive an email from PanamaKent or the Global Funnel Team Admin. You will also get a Welcome email from GML Corporate.

Because we are doing SO MUCH global internet traffic (we surpassed the 58 year old Network POWERHOUSE Amway Corp in traffic in January!) and sending MILLIONS of emails every week, the major email providers are still warming up to us so sometimes there is a delay in getting an email to you. Stinks a little bit, but that’s part of being a HOT, new, fast-moving online opportunity. There is a copy of the Corporate Welcome email in your Dashboard in your GML Back Office. You can find it in your Corporate Message Box at the top where you see 3 little icons. The first from the left is the mail envelope icon (Corporate Messages including mail, new freebie signup, new purchase orders, commissions, etc.), then the $ icon (paid purchase requests to verify and process) and finally, on the right, is your Personal List Chat Box message icon. It looks like a ‘network’ symbol. When you personally have an open subscription order you will see a 4th icon, double arrows, which when you click on it takes you to your current subscription order. If that’s open, you aren’t done. You probably need to verify where you sent a payment in from so that your order can be processed by your Sponsor.

Every single thing you need to succeed with our Company is inside your personal Global Moneyline website. Information about the Product, Compensation, Independent Representative Processes – such as how to become an Independent Rep after doing your simple 2-Step Qualification – and setting up your I.R. Direct Sales Payment Processing once you become an I.R. is all available in your Dashboard and in the Menu. We have people ALL THE TIME come to us and say “I don’t understand!”. And within 15 seconds we know why. People won’t take the few minutes required to do a little homework. Newsflash: we are here to help you but not wipe your butt, too! Not unless your arms are broken… Please, don’t be lazy. Lazy people never, ever, NEVER excel and I don’t care who tells you otherwise. We set up a system, put it to work, and continue to WORK improving our recruitment techniques. The beautiful thing is that after you get it going, you will develop a nice team which will allow you to RETIRE! Then, come live on our beach and let’s go fishing…

Once you understand everything, once you get this all set up both in your mind and with our technology, you will have a high performance MONEY MACHINE that requires very little maintenance to run at a high level. You literally have access to the whole machine immediately at registration, so no need to wait! Inside you can see that there are videos and text about every aspect of the program, from Product (the FAQ is in the Menu at Support) to the opportunity AND the NEW, FREE and EVER EXPANDING Moneyline Social Media System. The first part of that System is up now: the *FREE* GML Pro Poster Software which was introduced very recently. It’s a HUGE SUCCESS! You will in due order also see the addition of the Instagram and Twitter apps, PLUS a LIVE daily leadership event to plug into with your prospects, customers and I.R.s.

(The GML Pro Poster Software is in the Menu under Marketing at 3rd Party links.)

It’s never been EASIER to ca$h in than RIGHT NOW with your own shiny, new, Online, Home Based and Street Legal Money Machine!

Did you know that there are currently about 3 billion people using Social Media platforms? NO ONE got paid to empty their contact database into those sites, did they? BUT, everyone, including me, emptied our contacts into them, didn’t we?! Hahaha. Here it is quite the opposite. It doesn’t get any better, any more fun or ANY EASIER than this. Start RIGHT NOW sharing your personal GML signup page url link EVERYWHERE – ALL THE TIME PLUS +++ get your free Facebook Group Poster Software up and running!

Between ALL of your personal contacts, your Global Social Media pages and the GML Pro Software it’s really up to you how much you want to earn and how fast. We have the Golden Goose under our arm and a Golden Egg in our other hand here! Go get as much as you can as FAST as you can because we will be a household name before too long. Can YOU imagine having over 100,000 or more in YOUR Moneyline by the end of the year!? Guess what, YOU CAN!!!! We are attracting EVERYONE; newbies and professionals alike to Affiliate Sales and Network Marketing are here MAKING IT HAPPEN!! It’s so exciting…

100% Direct Profits on personal activity and 50% Indirect Team Commissions from your personal referrals’-referrals!! I haven’t experienced ANYTHING this powerful in my 25+ years of being a full time, Direct Sales, Network Marketing Professional. NOTHING!

And, if for some crazy reason you are here and HAVE NOT ALREADY REGISTERED in the Global Moneyline and secured your own Point of Profit (PoP), register FREE now –> Global or ConnectionCity.biz or our Current Funnel Team Promotion Page that is exclusively for Business Builders that are ready to run with this.

Note: When you set up your Account Info be sure to give accurate information in completing your profile so you can GET PAID your indirect commissions! Be sure to upload a profile photo while you’re in your account area (it seems like a small thing, but it’s actually very significant as far as being effective within the Community). We also recommend you choose “Do NOT allow Pass Up” in your Profile are; but that’s your call. When you have completed all of this information and verified it is accurate, click SAVE at the bottom.


When you click on BUY A SUBSCRIPTION you will be asked to buy a Bronze subscription for $20.00 US. This is optional, but by upgrading you will receive many benefits, including:
  •  Assuring that every Moneyliner around the world that joins after you is accumulated by you in our unique One Straight Single Global Line database. You have a very, very short grace period to upgrade. If you don’t upgrade you will discover that you do not have access to the Moneyliners entering after you! That is ridiculous. It’s so easy to throw in your $20 ONE TIME. (By the way, YOU WANT YOUR REFERRALS TO DO THIS TO BECAUSE THAT’S HOW YOU GET PAID, ON THE SALES OF SUBSCRIPTIONS)  Our Team accepts PayPal Friends & Family, Uphold, Solid Trust Pay and BitCoin payments. The company also includes other options, but we have found these processors to be easy to setup, easy to use, very reliable and fair. Some of these processors even let you fund and pay quickly with a credit or debit card if you need to use one.
  • Allowing you to message 20 people in your Moneyline with one click versus doing it one by one with your Free Moneyline non-subscription product.
  • Your purchase counts towards as one of your 3 required personal sales to reach Qualification and to then apply to become an Independent Representative, leaving you with just 2 personal sales to reach your ONE TIME Qualification on your way to 100% Direct PROFITS on every single personal sale you ever make thereafter.
  • Your offering to the Moneyline will be seen before all of the “Freebies” that are advertising to the Moneyline! This is HUGE. Bronze subscriptions are seen in the receiving Members’ Personal List Messages (found at the top of the Dashboard, the main page of your Back Office; those top 3 icons – the one on the right) before those sent by freebies. The order by which Personal List Messages are seen by Moneyliners is: Diamond Subscribers’ messages on top, Platinums next, Golds follow, then Silvers and Bronzes and finally freebies’ messages. So, start climbing the subscription ladder and don’t stop until you reach the top. And, you have to trust me on this: the higher you go sets you up to achieve more. There’s a number of reasons for it, but suffice it to say that your Attitude, Thinking, Belief and Conviction are all tied to subscription level. The most important thing, though, is not where you start but just that YOU START.

This and That…

Again: Always check your Corporate Message Box while you in the system. Everytime you see numbers up in those icons, go and see what’s there and zero them out. The more numbers you have to clear, the more money you are making. So it’s all good!

Review: There are 3 icons at the top of your Dashboard, or, Back Office Homepage.

The first icon on the left tells you when you have messages such as:

– A new Prospect registered
– A purchase order or payment has been made
– You have messages from the Company

The second icon ($) has the new purchase order payment details.

The third icon tells you that you have Personal Chat List Messages. (Note: Click on as many Silver, Gold and Diamond Ads as you can so that you can build your Personal List with the most serious marketers in the World. The fortune in our Industry is IN THE LIST. Build this up, be nice, make new business friends.)

There is a 4th icon up there that you see after you personally initiate a subscription purchase. It is a 2-way arrow that says you have a purchase in the pipeline but haven’t finished it. Usually this is because you didn’t tell the system your payment details. Just click on it, complete the action and hit continue. Bang! Done…

Did you Forget!??

When you go back later to login, if you forget your GML password, no worries. At the login (bottom of the home page) you will see a “Forgot Password” button. You can reset your password and receive it in your GML registered email. Just remember that sometimes, at this stage of our rapid development, Yahoo!, GMAIL and other large services (handling tens of thousands of our emails daily and in giant batches) may cause a short delay. This is not OUR system and it won’t be this way forever. We just freaked them out being new and doing this kind of volume so incredibly fast. So now you know and since you know, don’t freak out! LOLOL

So, while you’re thinking about it, please check your ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folders. If the GML Support emails are going to spam, please ‘whitelist’ our support email address so that you receive future, critical-correspondence from GML Corporate.

“White-listing” simply means putting support@globalmoneyline.com in your contacts list. In fact, we recommend you adding the email ‘support@globalmoneyline.com’ into your Email Contacts List now. Thanks!


You will find a Communication section in the Menu where you can chat directly with your GML Sponsor.


I would recommend having at least 1 (ONE) main or ‘anchor’ site in social media and drawing people outside of GML to communicate.

Start Climbing and Don’t Stop until you REACH THE TOP!

You will soon discover that at the Silver Subscription level and higher, the Community Silver+ Market Ad Spots will DRAMATICALLY grow your Permanent Personal Message List.

Every one that clicks on your Ads, Your Moneyline messages OR when YOU CLICK on someone else’s, you have a NEW Permanent Personal List contact that you can talk to WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Global Funnel Team Payment Processing Issues:

If you have issues getting payment in, please contact us at the Menu->Communication->Sponsor or email the Global Funnel Team at globalfunnel@yahoo.com

Finally, please read, watch and listen to EVERY SINGLE THING IN YOUR GML SITE. It is designed to be a ready available system to assist you with every single aspect of being both a successful product user AND I.R. Don’t miss this because you don’t respect it. You will never find, in this lifetime, another concept like this that is still not a household name. Everyone always says “ahh, it’s too late” to catch the Big Rides. Yeah, well… here is YOUR chance. I suggest you get serious.

The Global Moneyline – because of the combination of our DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION PRODUCT (An Automated, Global, 24/7, multi-lingual list-builder for online business promoters) and our Direct Sale – 100% Profit, Indirect Infinite Sale “Compound Leverage” – 50% Team Commisions / Compensation Model – is destined to potentially be as big as any social network ever created. We are already the World’s Largest Social Opportunity Community.

You are at the right place, at the right time. No other product has a market potential as large as ours does. None, not 1. Thank you for being a part of the World’s Fastest Growing and Largest ONE STRAIGHT LINE of People and the #1 Coolest Independent Team of Representatives: The Global Funnel Team.

If we met you on Social Media, we might not know you as well as we want or need to in order to really help you maximize this incredible new opportunity.

OH YEAH… we just updated the I.R. Setup Process in your Account Info section in the Menu. This means that if you intend to make some $$$ you can apply, set up your DIRECT 100% P2P payment processors and when you have your 2 Qualifying Sales – BANG! – you get paid on the next one! You can literally get paid TODAY!

Finally ! LOL

Again, WELCOME ! We look forward to making history together !

IF you…

– Have a burning desire to finally be financially free (or make your next fortune faster and have more fun),
– Have a willingness to work, PLUS
– Are teachable and can follow basic instructions….

…..then there is NO REASON that YOU can’t hit a HOMERUN with the Moneyline and the Global Funnel Team.


Kent Anthony
Global Funnel Team Founder
Independent Global Moneyline Diamond I.R.

PS Please connect with us across the spectrum of our Social Media Operations and for sure on The Global Funnel Team Page at www.Facebook.com/GlobalFunnel !

Our primary non-GML social media information platform is at http://www.fb.me/panamakent. It serves 2 (TWO) purposes: share faith based edification and encouragement and to create the World’s Largest Home Based Team of Millionaires ever.


If I am talking to YOU; if you’re extremely serious…

If you definitely identify yourself as a Serious Team Builder (you want to recruit and develop a large organization of I.R.s and make more money than you can possibly spend and have all the free time in the world to enjoy it), and not just a ‘tire-kicker’, PLEASE send an email to globalfunnel@yahoo.com with “TEAM BUILDER TRAINING” in the subject line.

I will PERSONALLY get in contact with you and set up a PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION to get your started with the Big Picture stuff as well as a short ‘Skills Session’ where I teach you the skills that my Mentor, Mark Yarnell, taught me way back when. This training, in my opinion and that of many, many of our successful partners – is worth a million bucks. No kidding. We’ve earned millions and millions of dollars, Mentored dozens of others to the Promised Land of Networking / Direct Sales and there is NOTHING more exciting when we develop someone like YOU into the NEXT millionaire.

What if it’s just 6-FIGURES? That would still be cool, right?

Be sure to include all of your contact information when you email the Global Funnel Team, including:

Your full name
Your GML website name
Your primary email address
Your Skype user ID
Your Whatsapp user ID
Your country
Your full international telephone number
Your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages

(Include all that apply – and if you don’t have them, please consider opening accounts.)

Indicate your time commitment that are willing to put into building your GML Team as well as what level of achievement you desire.

PLEASE: Connect with us on –

 Facebook, InstagramTwitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn!

Check Back for the Upcoming Funnel News-letter Release

If you want to receive the Funnel News in your email every month, you have two options:

  1. Send and email to globalfunnel@yahoo.com with “Funnel News” in the Subject from the email you want to subscribe with
  2. “Follow” us here or on our Facebook Page linked above.

One thought on “Welcome to the Moneyline – Global Funnel Team!

  1. Excited to be a part of what you are doing, especially the ministry aspect of what you are doing, as that’s what it’s all about! Also excited about the potential to support my family by helping others to succeed through their Global MoneyLine as well! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be pioneers with you!


    Ryan, we have a secret formula that really is no secret. We just put God first, do the right thing and walk in His infinite grace and mercy. We are blessed to take this journey together with you as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. We are His hands and feet, His lips, His voice, His very righteousness. He leads and we follow. When people repent, confess and turn to God, we rejoice as do the angels in Heaven. Our ministry happens to have a tool, called the Global Moneyline, which can crush financial bondage. But unless a person is walking in the light, all the money in the world won’t satisfy them. For very long anyway. God’s grace and peace to you and yours in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Kent 2 Cor 5:21

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